Siemens NX Pluging Land XML Integrator

Land XML Integrator

This module allows to import Land XML directly to Siemens NX. The software creates a fully parametric DSM (digital surface model) with alignment model.

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Land XML is a standard data format containing civil engineering and survey measurement data used in the land development as well as in the infrastructure industry.

With the imported Land XML you can not just visualize your digital surface model but also use this as a basis in order to build up complex buildings directly in Siemens NX.

The model in Siemens NX is strictly associative to the Land XML data. Changes in the source data directly lead to changes in the 3D model in Siemens NX. This way the Land XML Integrator guarantees a continuous process chain from AEC planning systems (e.g. Stratis, Vestra, etc. ) to Siemens NX.

Your advantages:

  • Import Land XML to Siemens NX with one single click.
  • Continuous process chain between planning system and Siemens NX.
  • Compatible with various “Land XML-dialects” such as Stratis and Vestra.
  • Fully integrated into Teamcenter.

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