Siemens NX Pluging Representation by Neoapps

Representation for Siemens NX

The aim of this project was to reduce the loading time for large assemblies by up to 90% in order to make working with large assemblies much easier for the designer.

This way user can quickly load large assemblies in Siemens NX for example in order to take measures of certain components or sub-assemblies or to make short presentations of an assembly in Siemens NX.


In the course of the saving process a software creates so-called “lightweight representations” of the components in the top assembly. These representations are later used in order to quickly load the whole large assembly in Siemens NX without needing to load all components of the assembly.

In doing so the software makes sure that all representations of the components in the top assembly are consistently up-to-date. This way the designer is always working with up-to-date models in Siemens NX.

In order to guarantee a maximum level of usability the software is perfectly integrated into the work processes of Siemens NX and Teamcenter. Creation and update of the representations in the top assembly is triggered automatically in the course of opening or closing the assembly.

The software not only accelerates the loading process of large assemblies tremendously but also allows to open very large assemblies that usually cannot be opened in Siemens NX. The “lightweight technology” of the software allows to opening large assemblies of any size without restriction.

The succes of the project:

    • Up to 90% time savings for the opening of large assemblies.
    • All components are always up to date.
    • Software allows to open assemblies of all size.
    • Fully Teamcenter integration for an optimal workflow.

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