CheckSuite – Product validation for Siemens NX

CheckSuite enables you to review construction guidelines directly in NX in the fields of construction, drafting and assemblies. This enables construction errors to be recognised and corrected at an early stage, which significantly improves the quality of the construction data. This removes the need for time-consuming and costly reworking processes.
The dynamically extendable CheckSuite framework also allows you to adapt CheckSuite to your company-specific requirements.

An overview of the advantages for you

  • Increased quality of your NX data.
  • Automated assurance of standardised and company-wide construction standards.
  • Increase in the automation potential throughout the entire PLM process chain.
  • More time for creative and value-adding construction work.
  • Early identification and correction of errors in product development.

Get started quickly with a number of standard checks

Numerous tried-and-tested and configurable checks are included as standard in NX to make it easy for you to get started with product validation. This keeps the work involved in implementation to a minimum for you. In addition, numerous checks also have an auto-repair function, which allows you to correct errors at the touch of a button. Examples include checks regarding the layering, the allocation of colours for certain materials or the use of fonts on drawing pages. Thanks to the automatic correction, you can save valuable time for constructing your products and also improve the quality of the data you produce using CAD.

An overview of selected CheckSuite features

In order to further increase user-friendliness and usability for you, we are always working to expand the functionality of the software. We have provided an extract of the most important CheckSuite functions below.

  • Reliable auto-repair function for quick troubleshooting.
  • Dynamically extendable framework.
  • No training expenses necessary.
  • Zoom-in function for the fast localisation of problematic checks.
  • Report function for statistical evaluations.
  • Batch mode for the workflow.
  • Wiki-compatible.
  • Numerous checks included as standard.


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