Woodworking in Siemens NX with CAM Wood by Neoapps

CAM Wood: CAM for the wood industry

In the course of this customized solution project the aim was the development of a CAD/CAM module that establishes a direct link between design and machinery for the wood working industry.

The NC-operations in the wood industry is an own world and cannot be compared with the CAM world of mechanical engineering. Therefore it is necessary to go a different way. The result was a separate “timber CAM module” for Siemens NX of Siemens PLM Software.

CAM Wood for Siemens NX

In order to establish an automatic link between CAD and CAM neoapps provided CAD tools that make designing not only easier and more efficient, but also add the all information necessary to the processings for later implementation in machine programs.

These constructions can be converted directly into machine data. Either manufacturer-specific formats (FMC, MPR, HOP, BVN, produced, etc.) or a machine-independent format can be created. The latter can then be associated to the manufacturing facilities with neoapps’ FMC-Edit Software.

All major machine manufacturers with the formats for the machining centers are considered.

The success of the project:

  • direct coupling between CAD and CAM for the wood-working industry
  • accurate and error free NC programming
  • high time savings
  • high return on invest

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