Machine elements in Siemens NX with eAssistant by Neoapps

Machine elements in Siemens NX

In collaboration with our partner GWJ Technology GmbH we developed an intelligent coupling of CAD and calculation of machine elements with which the efficiency of design and development can be increased significantly.

CAD plugIn for Siemens NX
The CAD plugIn for Siemens NX features

  • Design,
  • Recalculation and
  • Optimization

of a variety of classical machine elements directly in Siemens NX. The calculations are performed according to standards (DIN, ISO), and according to accepted methods of calculation. The documentation of the results is done with detailed journals in HTML or PDF format.


Direct Launch
All calculation modules of the eAssistant can be started directly via an integrated menu item in Siemens NX. Based on the calculated data the CAD model is created at the push of a button.

The geometry of spur gear pairs and geared shafts can be calculated taking into account tolerances, tip chamfer and profile shift to the exact shape of the tooth. The animation / simulation of the operation is possible too. For this, you can select the smallest, average and largest dimensions for the tooth thickness and the center distance.

3D Models
There can be created external and internal gears, helical or straight-cut gears automatically as a feature-based 3D part. Tip chamfer and shaft bore are taken into account.


Intelligent elements
The calculation information is stored in the 3D component and can be recalled at any time.

Manufacturing information in 2D
The manufacturing data of gears can be quickly and easily set as a table on the production drawing. Appearance and size of the gearing table can be individually configured.

Solid and hollow shafts
3D model based on the calculation of shafts with an arbitrary number of cylindrical and conical shaft segments can be created.

From competent source
Extensive expertise, years of experience and a high quality standard incorporate into the eAssistant and in the CAD plugins. The continuous development of these productive assessment tools is shaped at a variety of user suggestions.

The success of the project:

  • direct coupling to the calculation
  • minimization of failures
  • tremendous time savings
  • Web based

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