Siemens NX Plugin Inspection Report – Inspection Report and Q-Drawing in Siemens NX

Siemens NX Plug-in: Inspection Report 2.0

The Inspection Report automatically generates initial sample inspection reports (ISIR) including the corresponding Inspection Drawings inside NX.

You save about 90% of time and an enormous amount of money during the creation of PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) documents.

Inspection Report supports you during the usually error-prone creation of initial sample inspection reports. It automatically stamps all of your relevant dimensions, text and GD&Ts. Not only you save a lot of valuable time through this automation but also you receive perfectly positioned, error free PPAP-documents at the push of a button.

After the creation of the stamps Inspection Report generates an initial Sample inspection report with can be exported to any format (e.g. MS-Excel, Pdf).

Your Benefit:

Inspection Report 2.0 has emerged from practice. The quick and inexpensive solution for problems in daily work with the creation of inspection reports is our motivation.

With a document that contains 400 characteristics, the manual generation of the initial sample inspection report takes in average up to eight hours. At an average engineering salary you save a few thousand Euros per year during preparation of reports and documentation by using Inspection Report 2.0.

The investment in the Inspection Report software by neoapps usually pays off for your company during the first year.

In the following image the Inspection Report – marks are marked in orange colour:

Siemens NX Plugin Inspection Report: Screenshot

Inspection Report 2.0 offers a direct integration to all commonly used PDM Systems such as, for example:

  • Teamcenter
  • SAP PLM with ECTR from DSC
  • CASQ-it from Böhme & Weihs
  • Measuring systems like AME

The fully integrated access to ECTR offers you the opportunity to check out drawings, stamp them and check the results into the SAP PLM system by a single click.

The PDM system provides the source and compares versions of the Documents for the use of the revision control feature of Inspection Report 2.0.


A very comprehensive settings dialog allows you to individually customize the appearance (stamp display, colors), the functionality (generation of reference numbers, stamping process) or the output and integration (selection and configuration).

External Storage

The external storage offers the possibility to store stamp information not inside the part file, but to save the information in separate files on the hard disk or in a database.

This, for example, allows the stamping of drawings that have already been released. The files containing the stamp information are in the form of universally readable XML files.

Inspection Table

In order to meet your needs exactly, the output of the inspection tables is fully configurable.

Siemens NX Plugin Inspection Report: Intuitive user interface

You have the following configuration options:

  • Output type (e.g. Listing window, CSV file, Excel or PDF)
  • Output to measuring machine (Calypso from ZEISS)
  • Assigning the stamps to tolerance classes via groups
  • Filtering of stamps via groups
  • Columns (information to be issued per stamp)
  • Delimiter (for CSV or similar formats)
  • Header info (e.g. Output of part attributes)
  • Templates (e.g. Excel template)

In addition, the Inspection Report software allows you to easily and quickly create your own extensions for the output of data. So you are prepared for the future.

Revision Compare

The Revision Compare allows you to compare two different stamped revisions of a drawing. So you can locate quickly and easily:

  • which characteristics have been added
  • which characteristics have been removed
  • which characteristics have been modified

The generated list of changes can be stored as a table within the drawing or directly in your ERP system.

There is also the possibility to execute the Revision Compare independent from NX, for example as a periodically executed maintenance job.


In order to achieve a large effect with little effort the stamping process offers maximum of flexibility. It is possible to select single characteristics, a group of characteristics or all characteristics of a view for the stamping process.

Stamps are always placed without any collisions as long as possible. If that is not possible Inspection Report enables you to find the colliding stamp by applying a different color to it.

Through the manual stamping process you have the chance to:

  • place single associative stamps
  • freely place single stamps
  • add repeated stamps
  • adjust the position and orientation of any stamp

You can stamp all the characteristics of a drawing, e.g. dimensions, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) symbols, surface symbols, and more. Additionally Inspection Report gives you the possibility to stamp „Technical Elements“ (UDF technology).

The allocation of the stamp numbers (reference numbers) takes place automatically.
But you still have the chance to configure the parameters (starting number, increment, type, …) for the reference number generation according to your wishes.

An optional lock list avoids the allocation of previously deleted reference numbers.

Have we piqued your interest?

Give your company a competitive advantage by saving 90% of the time and cost in the creation of initial sample inspection reports.

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