Siemens NX Taskplaner with Scheduler Plugin by neoapps

Scheduler for Siemens NX

Often there are tasks in NX, which take a long time. For this any administrator or power user wishes a tool, which will execute this task at a later date, equipped with variable input data or configuration.


For one of our customers we developed a planning tool exactly for this purpose. Similar to the “Scheduled Tasks” under Windows, tasks can be described well-directed and set to run at a specific time.

Potential tasks could be:

  • Update of views of specific drawings
  • Creating TIFFs or PDFs from specific drawings
  • Verifying drawings for enterprise standards
  • Carry out specific actions on any released part of a day

The scheduler not only provides a set of predetermined tasks, but also own tasks can be run.

In addition to the intelligent scheduling, the scheduler can be run asynchronously in the Windows context. A system-tray icon provides information on any started task scheduler and starts if necessary, your Siemens NX session.

Similarly, it can be responded not only to “Timer Events” but also to individual events, e.g. a change of status within an approval process.

This makes the scheduler a powerful tool that can be used for planning and machining processes.

Scheduling tasks:

  • once at a particular time
  • recurring at a particular time
  • event driven
  • in the context of Windows
  • Siemens NX will be started as needed

The success of the project:
  • make use of idle time-> exact task scheduling
  • tremendous time savings
  • Siemens NX control of Windows

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