Siemens NX revision comparison and revision state management. Report by Neoapps.

Report – Automated Revision Comparison in NX

The software solution Report for Siemens NX automatically documents changes between two revision levels of drawings.

This process is often tedious and error-prone. Report can be started automatically in the background for example it can be coupled to a run of a release process.

This ensures that complete change reports are available at any time. Report shows at a glance which parts of a drawing have changed. You can compare any revision statuses automatically.

The reports in graphical and table form enable enterprise-wide communication processes, which were not possible in the past. These clearly structured processes are leading to a high and quick return on investment. By managing the revision statuses in the PDM any reports can be accessed without CAD.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Revision comparison and report with just one mouse click
  • Any revisions are comparable
  • Fully automated process with defined actions
  • Batchable in the conversion server
  • Table and stamped graphic in neutral format
  • Available with or without user interaction

Measure No. 15 (diameter 1.5) is omitted.

With the revision comparison you can compare two drawings of a component or assembly, which have different revision statuses.
In doing so the following changes may occur from one revision to the next: new dimensions/characteristics can emerge, existing dimensions/characteristics may disappear or changes of a dimensions/characteristics may arise.

Measure No 17 (Rev.A 1.2) has increased to 1.4.

This may be a change in the nominal dimension or the tolerances.
By Report you are in a position to stamp revisions, which are based on each other in such a way, that the numeration of the characteristics are developed further consistently with the different revisions.

No 18 degree (nominal 26.5) is newly created.

This enables the software to compare the currently loaded version with an older version and recognize the changes specified above at the push of a button.
Revision Compare will mark any characteristics with a revision stamp, that have been newly created or modified.
In addition, a table (e.g. in the form of a table note) is created, which will show the stamp numbers, the location on the drawing and the change as a descriptive text.

The settings for this are freely configurable of course. As a result you can create a PDF with stamped drawings and a table in MS-Excel format for example. The configuration options of the revision stamp marking are similarly flexible, as known from the “Inspection Report”-software.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • full Revision control
  • external storage
  • time saving
  • automatic creation of documents

System requirements:

  • Windows
  • starting from NX3
  • optional SAP PLM

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