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TE Toolbox – Optimized processes in NX

In the design sector individual parts and assemblies are constructed. Derived from these, drawings are created, where manufacturing relevant information is stored (tolerances, surface textures, shape-/ location information).

Subsequent processes have to have access to these data and often they are entered from scratch. The approach of the TE Toolbox rules this off:

By designing with technical elements (TEs), any information can be recorded directly on the model, accessible for all subsequent processes. Therefore you will never have to re-enter information in time-consuming and error-prone rework.

The TE Toolbox is a collection of tools in the CAD / CAM system NX, with which a complete design is built up.

Unlike working with classical form elements, various meta-informations are attached to the individual technical elements (TEs), which can be analyzed later in case of changes, visualizations, or other downstreamed processes.

The main focus is on the creation of measuring machines-programs for the quality assurance and NC programs for manufacturing.

NX: Courtesy of Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG

Situation analysis:

Within CAD-systems information usually is existent only in an unstructured or poorly structured way.

Downstream processes in costing, planning, manufacturing and quality assurance require a lot of effort. Changes and revisions can multiply the effort of manual input required to perform your task.

There is usually no clear and consistent labeling of all your processes characteristics. The communication between different internal divisions and externally with suppliers is usually time consuming and often inaccurate.

There are no standard interfaces to transfer the full information from the CAD.
Existing software usually supports only defined processes in some sub-divisions and/or sub-areas.
Available solutions for cutting optimization of processes are often not used.


Structured treatment and extension of CAD information to help to get them in the best shape for the subsequent processes.

NX: TE Toolbox Screenshot


Consistent use of the Siemens NX – Technologies (UDF, Synchronous, …) to create a structured form of the information already during development in the CAD system.

Introduction of a system for uniquely marking and mapping of all the characteristics of a product and the development of the required standardized interfaces for the transmission of information.

Development of software solutions for efficient processing and cross-process, automated processing of data.


Automatic measuring machine applications and semi-automatic NC programs.
A continuous & change-robust process as well as a cost saving ca. 65% (up to 80% in subsequent years)

TE Toolbox Stamp Module

For the creation of stamps on the drawings the TE Toolbox includes a suitable module for easy identification of TEs by the user.

This Stamp module is a specially configured version of the Inspection Report software. The Inspection Report software does not stamp any features, but stamps are attached to the TEs, which are visible on the drawing.

TE Toolbox – Courtesy of Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG

The reference numbers of the stamps will not be regenerated from scratch (and so getting randomly), but rather the internally assigned numbers of TEs are reused. This guarantees, that the number of a specific TE will be a unique number but remaining the very same number for this TE, even for all follow-up processes.

After clearing a TEs this number cannot be assigned again. Thus, misunderstandings in the internal communication can be kept to a minimum.

Contrary to the conventional version of the Inspection Report, it is possible to have several stamps with the same number in the context of TE Toolbox. A TE, which is shown in multiple views, will be provided with a stamp in each view.

Using a specially adapted zoom-dialog, a TE can easily be located in the different views.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • universality of process
  • generating measuring machine programs
  • generation of CAM Data (Siemens NX CAM)
  • time saving
  • tolerance center at the push of a button

System requirements:

  • Windows
  • starting from NX5

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