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Increase the potential and productivity of your employees through expert-training by neoapps.

For you we offer effective training, workshops and seminars, which are based on the level of knowledge of your employees and impart knowledge in a short time, just the way your employees need to fulfill their duties optimally, accurate and to your complete satisfaction.


Siemens NX Training: Standard
Duration of training: 10 days (2 weeks)

After this training your employees are in the position to construct more complex elements independently with Siemens NX. They find out all about curves, sketches, and form elements and they get a well-founded knowledge of design and drafting. That way your employees will bring along a solid know-how on design methodology and modules from this course into your business.

Siemens NX Training: Express
Duration of training: 5 days (1 week)

Your employees will learn the content of Siemens NX UG standard training in particularly intensive and efficient form in this crash course. Prerequisite for this intensive training is to master another CAD system. In our Express-training, your employees are able to construct with Siemens NX independently.

Siemens NX Workshop: Update
Training duration: 1-3 days (depending on module)

illu_schulungen_neo_2If your employees have mastered a Siemens NX version and only need a knowledge update, in order to use the new version, Siemens NX Update course is the right choice for you. Depending on the module and company specifics, we train your staff the new functions and we show insider tips how they can work faster and more efficiently with Siemens NX.

Siemens NX Seminar: Admin
Duration of the NX-training: 1-5 days (depending on module)

For the administration, installation and maintenance of Siemens NX, we offer first hand expertise to your staff. The fundamentals are the basic principles of a professional operating system installation, configuration and network setup.This led to the expertise at the installation, configuration and tuning of Siemens NX software. The Seminar for Administrators is rounded out by modules on plotter and printer installation and professional backup concepts.
Prerequisite is knowledge of the operating system and Siemens NX.

Siemens NX Training: Developer
Duration of training: 1 to 20 days

For your software developers and programmers, we offer expert knowledge in the specific Siemens NX APIs. Whether macro, GRIP, user function or NXOpen, we provide you with solid basic knowledge.
illu_schulungen_neo_3You learn how to operate with tools such as editor, compiler, linker and IDE with MS Visual Studio as well as programming techniques and fundamentals such as sequences, repetitions, classes and methods.
Furthermore, we show you the professional approach to version control systems like CVS, SVN, MS Visual Source Safe. This training often has a workshop character and the content is determined by you, no matter whether you want to know more about VB.NET in combination with Excel or Knowledge Fusion in use by UDFs.
Together, we develop demo-programs, which are geared to your problems. After our Siemens NX Training for developers your employees have the ability to independently create programs for Siemens NX.
In the majority of cases our customers book five days of Siemens NX C # Development Workshop on-site at the customer’s facility.

Siemens NX Trainings module: Free-Form
Duration of the training: 2 to 5 days

The Siemens NX trainings course freeform makes you familiar with the capabilities and functions of curves and freeform construction. You will learn about the methodologies how to create freefroms. Moreover you will ramp up the skills in freeform modelling, so you are able to perform your daily tasks in that field.

NX-Training: Siemens NX Routing
Duration of the training: 3 days

In this training course you learn about the various options of Siemens NX routing mechanical and Siemens NX electrical. After completion of this course you can create 3D cable routings or mechanical routings, like pipes in Siemens NX.

Siemens NX Training: Siemens NX Schematics
Duration of the training: 2 days

In the trainings course Siemens NX Schematics you get an overview of XN Schematics and you will get familiar with the capabilities of Siemens NX schematics. The course content covers creating and editing of elements and joints, as well as generating of outputs and BOM’s.
After completion of the course you can create electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic schemes respectively 2D layouts.

Siemens NX Training: Siemens NX Sheet Metal
Duration of the trainings course: 2 days

In the trainings course Siemens NX Sheet Metal you get familiar with the features and functions of Siemens NX sheet metal. You will learn how to create a parametric sheet metal model in a development drawing.

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