Darstellung der industriellen Fertigung in der Holzindustrie

Digitization in the
wood working industry

A revolutionary new level for industrial manufacturing in the wood industry.

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With the products from Siemens DIS you set new standards in the digitization of the wood industry. With Siemens NX, you can model wooden products such as furniture systems, fittings or wall elements in a highly standardized manner in CAD, thus providing an ideal basis for automating your production. In this way, wood products can be produced in highly industrial series production. And that up to batch size 1.

Why Siemens NX in the wood industry?

NX is one of the world’s leading CAD systems and has been established in classic mechanical engineering for many years. The focus is primarily on the industrial and highly automated manufacture of complex products made of plastic or metal. For this reason, digitization in traditional industries is already very advanced.

This know-how can now also be transferred to the wood industry and opens up new possibilities for industrial and serial manufacturing in the wood sector.

Die benefits of Siemens NX in the wood industry


Standardization in CAD

With the CAD system NX you develop highly standardized models and thus lay the foundation for modular systems and industrial manufacturing.


Digital Transformation

Consistent processes without media breaks and manual rework. With Siemens NX, you master the digital transformation and are ideally positioned for the future.


Scalable Manufacturing

Due to the digitized process, scaling your production is not a problem. Even with a heterogeneous machine park from different manufacturers.

Siemens NX is the ideal system for industrial manufacturing in the wood industry. With the right solutions, the know-how of many decades from classic mechanical engineering can be transferred directly to the development and production with woodworking centers.

Tim Behnke
neoapps, CEO

Customized design and manufacturing data for customized products.

Handle variants quickly and easily with parametric modular systems.

The fully parametric CAD system Siemens NX is the ideal basis for building complex modular systems in the wood industry. Both product variants and unique one-offs can thus be easily handled in the design and manufacturing process.

Derive manufacturing data directly from the CAD model

NCW. One format for all machines.

CAM or manufacturing data are derived directly from the 3D model in the wood industry. A detour via NX CAM is therefore not necessary. The prerequisite for this, however, is prior standardization with Technical Elements. A heterogeneous machine park can then be flexibly supplied with machine data via the neutral format NCW for machine data. Whether FMC, MPR, BVN or HOP.

Fertigungsstraße für digitale Fertigung von Holzprodukten

Custom Made Furniture

Industrial production with batch size 1 in the wood industry. How nolte Möbel sets new industry standards with Siemens NX and masters the digital transformation.

Case Study | Wood Industry

nolte Möbel Horizont 8000

Our service offering for the wood industry

Mann vor Monitor mit Consulting für Siemens NX in der Holzindustrie


We advise you comprehensively in digitization with Siemens NX in the wood industry. From the analysis over the conception to the appropriate tool selection, we provide you with our expertise in industrial manufacturing with Siemens NX.

Personen vor Computer bei MBD Schulung für Siemens NX


We train your users extensively in design and production with the products from Siemens NX. Since the timber industry cannot be compared with classic mechanical engineering, the courses are specially adapted to the needs of this industry.

Fertigungsstraße für digitale Fertigung von Holzprodukten


Also in the organization of a comprehensive project to introduce Siemens NX. This is how you succeed in the digital transformation in the wood industry.

Our solutions for the Wood Working Industry

Monitor mit TE Toolbox für Holzindustrie für Siemens NX


Technical Elements for the wood industry.

Model-Based Definition starts with a standardized CAD model. Technical elements guarantee you compliance with all valid guidelines in the design stage. This means that all metadata is created in the 3D model right from the start.

CAM Wood Modul für die Holzindustrie für Siemens NX

CAM Wood

CAM Module for the wood working industry.

CAM Wood is a module for generating machine data specially developed for the requirements of the wood industry. The machine data in NCW format are derived directly from the 3D model without the need for a traditional CAM module.

NCW Edit für die Holzindustrie mit Siemens NX


Editing machine data flexibly.

The “NCW” format is a generic format that enables machine data to be edited with the NCW-Edit module. In addition to minor adjustments to the machine program, the software can also be used to generate various machine-specific formats such as FMC, HOP, BVN, MPR, and many more.

Questions regarding digitization in the wood working industry?

Talk to our experts and learn more about the magnitude of possibilities in the wood working industry.

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