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Siemens NX Consulting

Siemens NX Consulting from neoapps means: We always think one step further for you and help you solve problems – before they arise. Over 250 companies already benefit from our services in more than 160 international projects. Our experience in the NX methodology ranges from wood processing and furniture industries to metal processing and classic mechanical engineering to infrastructure construction.

In our consulting projects, we provide the relevant specialist department with targeted assistance in a wide variety of subject areas. This primarily concerns the areas of construction, drawing creation, assemblies, free-form surfaces, PMI, and much more. We also help with company-specific customizing and, for example, adapt thread tables, set up UDF or standard parts libraries or implement PDM couplings. We would also be happy to help you with release changes or other conversion projects and create and implement globally valid design standards for your company.

We are also happy to support you in adapting company-specific tools for your Siemens NX CAD / CAM / CMM environment. We show your employees all the tips and tricks to make progress particularly quickly and efficiently with Siemens NX.

Our Consulting Approach

Our consulting offering around the CAD/CAM/CMM system Siemens NX follows a clear structure. The following phases are an integral part:

Status Quo

We work with you to turn over every stone and get a clear picture of the current status of your processes. We use various techniques such as expert interviews or performance analyzes to identify the current state as comprehensively as possible.

Targets and Goals

We work with you to develop the target situation and formulate clearly defined goals. We take all boundary conditions into account and attach great importance to a healthy balance between economic efficiency and technical feasibility of the projects.

Solution Design

We design and develop the methodologies and processes of the future with you. We do that by using current best practice approaches and proven industry standards to give you the decisive competitive advantage in your industry.

Our Main Topics

We see ourselves as specialists in a clearly defined niche within the Siemens NX ecosystem. For this reason, quality leadership in selected areas is our aim. Below you will find an overview of our core competencies and focus areas.

Laptop und Auto zur Darstellung von Model Based Definition mit Siemens NX

Model-Based Definition

The foundation for the digital transformation.

NX Open

Customized Add-on Solutions for more efficiency.

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Release Change

More productivity and stability with the new release.

Frau vor Monitor mit Siemens NX Konstruktion

Design Guidelines

Standardized design guidelines for streamlined processes.


Siemens NX as the foundation for BIM in the AEC industry.

Fertigungsstraße für digitale Fertigung von Holzprodukten

Wood Industry

Digitization and industrial manufacturing in the wood industry.

The next step?

Contact us.

Describe your plans to us – we will ensure that they are implemented perfectly. We would be happy to discuss your requirements in a non-binding consultation. We would be happy to come to your home and show you using a specific example how we can help you make optimal use of Siemens NX and save costs.