AEC Alignment – Import route data to Siemens NX

Using AEC Alignment, you can create route axes directly from the measurement data in Siemens NX by entering various parameters. The 2D route axes and 3D gradients created in this way are immediately available for further use for constructing civil engineering structures in the Siemens NX CAD system.

An overview of the advantages for you

  • Automated input of route data
  • Automatic adaptation of the 3D model if changes are made
  • Numerous methods and elements are supported
  • Maximum consistency between route data and the civil engineering structure

Thanks to an intuitive GUI, only a small amount of learning time is required to use the software and the user-friendliness and user acceptance are also excellent.

Elements supported

  • Straight
  • Arc
  • Clothoid: simple clothoid, turning clothoid, oval
  • Bloss curve

Methods supported

  • Tangent cut procedure
  • Element procedure
  • Regression analysis


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