Konstrukteur vor Monitor mit Siemens NX Representation

NX Representation

For more efficient management of large assemblies in Siemens NX

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This software enables you to reduce the loading times for large assemblies in NX by up to 90%, which makes it significantly easier for you to work with large assemblies. It enables you to quickly and easily open large assemblies without needing to sacrifice displaying the entire assembly.
In order to do this, the software creates fully-automated facet representations (NX Representations) and permanently keeps these up-to-date. These facet representations are stored at the assembly level, meaning that you only have to load the structure of the assembly.

An overview of the advantages for you

  • Time savings of up to 90% when opening large assemblies in NX.
  • Reliability because the Representations in the assemblies are always totally up-to-date.
  • Additional features for working with extra-large assemblies.
  • Rep-Bookmarks enable you to save assembly statuses.
  • You can switch layouts on the basis of the Representations.
  • Ideal for working in a routing environment (electrical/mechanical).
  • Group feature available for illustrating the assembly structure.
  • Can be integrated into Teamcenter and ECTR.

This solution is available to you as an interactive NX plug-in and a batch version.


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