eAssistant plug-in – Machine elements in Siemens NX

You can use this software to import fully parametric gears to NX from the eAssistant gear calculation tool by GWJ Technology GmbH. The plug-in enables you to design, recalculate and optimise your machine elements.

You will have a choice of a broad range of traditional machine elements. Calculations take place in accordance with the standards (ISO, DIN etc.), as well as recognised calculation methods. The results are documented using detailed protocols in HTML or PDF format.
All the eAssistant calculation modules are launched directly from an integrated menu item. The CAD model is then created at the touch of a button on the basis of the data that has been calculated.

An overview of the advantages for you

  • Import fully parametric gears directly into NX.
  • Bidirectional direct coupling between the calculation software and the CAD system.
  • Minimises errors in establishing correct dimensioning for your machine elements.
  • The calculation information is transferred to the 3D model in full and saved there.
  • Changes in the calculation automatically adapt the model.
  • All manufacturing details can be displayed as a TabNote in the 2D drawing.
  • Solid and hollow shafts with any number of cylindrical and conical shaft segments can be generated.

Broad range of machine elements

For cylindrical gear pairs and splined shafts, the geometry can be calculated to the exact tooth form, taking tolerances, tip chamfer and profile shift into account. Animation and simulation of the operation is also possible. For this representation, the smallest, medium and largest dimensions for the tooth thickness and centre distance can be selected.
You can also create cylindrical gears with straight or helical teeth, which are external or internal, automatically as a feature-based 3D part. Tip chamfer and shaft bore are also taken into account.


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