Automated validation of product data for more standardization and a streamlined process chain .

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The CheckSuite enables the verification of design guidelines in the areas of design, drafting and assemblies directly in NX. Design errors can thus be recognized and corrected at an early stage, which significantly improves the quality of the design data. This makes time-consuming and costly rework obsolete. The dynamically expandable CheckSuite framework also enables you to adapt CheckSuite to company-specific requirements.

Your Benefits in a Nutshell

High Data Quality

Eliminates all errors in the CAD data and thus ensures more quality in the design data that is important for subsequent processes.

Uniform Standards

Ensures standardized and consistent data in Siemens NX in accordance with the generally applicable guidelines.

Maximum Productivity

Employees spend less time on manual rework and can devote themselves to the creative part of their tasks.

With the CheckSuite you guarantee compliance with your design guidelines in Siemens NX and thus improve the quality of your design data. This lays the foundation for the automation and digitization of your processes.

Standardized CAD-Data for an automated and streamlined process chain.

In the age of digitization, the need for a streamlined process chain is increasing. However, this requires standardization at the base: in CAD. Only a standardized and error-free CAD model can be “consumed” by downstream processes such as manufacturing or quality assurance.
The later the errors are discovered and corrected, the more expensive the correction. With the CheckSuite, you identify and eliminate these errors where they occur and thus lay the foundation for automated processes in product development right from the beginning.

Easy Access to digital Design Guidelines

Access to all your design guidelines directly from within the CheckSuite.

With the CheckSuite you have direct access to your design guidelines. By communicating with your company’s internal wiki, the associated guideline description can be viewed for each check. This gives the design engineer exactly the feedback needed in order to be able to design in compliance with the guidelines.

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Get started quickly with a variety of out-of-the box checks

In order to be able to start product validation in NX without great effort, numerous field-tested and configurable checks are already included in the standard. This reduces the implementation effort for you to a minimum. In addition, numerous checks are equipped with an auto-repair function, which means that errors can be corrected at the touch of a button. Examples of this are checks to check the layer assignment, the assignment of colors for certain materials or the use of fonts on drawing pages. The automated correction saves you valuable time for the design of your products and at the same time increases the quality of the generated CAD data.

More Highlights of the CheckSuite

In order to further increase user comfort and usability for you, we are constantly working on expanding the functionality of the software. Below you will find an excerpt of the most important functionalities of the CheckSuite.


Repairs the CAD model at the push of a button. For many checks available.


Expandable framework for additional company-specific checks.

Workflow Check

Batch module for integration into any workflow. e.g. release.

Report Function

Report on the frequency of errors and warnings for statistical evaluations.

Auto Zoom-In

Locates errors in geometry at the touch of a button with auto-zoom.

Error Level

Distinguishes between four different error levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which license model does CheckSuite offer?

Both named user and floating licenses are available for CheckSuite.

How much training is necessary?

The CheckSuite requires very little training, since the software is self-explanatory for users. As part of the introduction of the CheckSuite, we usually offer our customers a one-hour briefing.

How long does the CheckSuite installation take?

Installation only takes a few hours. After that, the out-of-the-box checks are immediately available.

Can company-specific checks be implemented?

Yes. The CheckSuite is a framework that enables you to develop and integrate company-specific checks.

Do design guidelines have to be fully worked out before introducing the CheckSuite?

No. Nevertheless, we recommend starting with the development and definition of the construction guidelines or design guidelines as a first step. In the second step, they are digitized in the form of checks in the CheckSuite.

Can different check profiles be created?

Yes. The CheckSuite enables the compilation of any number of profiles or test portfolios. In this way, a different mix of checks can be defined depending on the department or location. The profiles can be selected manually from a drop-down menu in the CheckSuite GUI or automatically assigned to the users via an environment variable.