SPC dimensioning directly in Siemens NX

This software helps you with SPC dimensioning directly in Siemens NX on the drawing page.
At the touch of a button this solution can create an ideally-adapted “SPC zeppelin” for any measurement or drawing object. Descriptions and test rates for SPC dimensioning can be entered freely by the user or set as default values. The SPC dimensions that are created are fully associative to the drawing objects. This ensures that the zeppelins are always optimally adapted to the dimensioning.

An overview of the advantages for you

  • Recognises all Siemens NX drawing objects.
  • Default values for SPC dimensioning and test rates are freely configurable.
  • Last entry values are stored in the SPC history for excellent usability.
  • Increase in the automation potential throughout the entire PLM process chain.
  • Fully compatible with the Test Plan Suite modules.


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