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AEC Drafting

Associative and standard-compliant blueprints in Siemens NX for more consistency.

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The AEC Drafting module from the AEC Suite is the industry-specific solution for the Siemens NX CAD/CAM system for generating technical drawings in the construction industry. The solution provides civil engineers with a broad range of tools that are required to create construction drawings quickly and in a manner that conforms to the standards.
AEC Drafting enables you to create industry-specific dimensions (e.g. splines) and cuttings, as well as to adjust views and work with special symbols specific to the construction industry, such as elevations. In order to meet the stringent requirements in terms of process consistency and data consistency, this industry solution has been optimally adapted for working with PDM systems (Teamcenter).

An overview of the advantages for you

  • Fully associative consistency between the 3D model and 2D plan generation
  • Creation of a consistent, redundance-free building model.
  • All the relevant data is available to everyone involved in the project
  • Creation of construction drawings that conform to the standards directly in Siemens NX (e.g. in accordance with DIN1356).
  • The Drafting Tools are very quick and easy to use.

AEC Drafting for Siemens NX guarantees you optimum process consistency and maximum associativity between the parametric 3D building model and the 2D construction drawing. Changes to the building model automatically alter the drawing accordingly. The 2D drawing is updated at the touch of a button, which therefore saves valuable time for engineers if changes need to be made.

The tools are intuitive to use, which enables the construction plans to be created with unprecedented speed and precision. Even traditionally complex tasks, such as dimensioning splines, for example for the superstructure of a bridge with a complex transverse and longitudinal tilt, can be completed by simply selecting the edge and setting the dimensions.

Highlights of the solution

  • Dimensioning styles that are compliant with standards: Associative dimensioning of 3D space curves, splines, tilts etc.
  • Creation of complex cross sections: Flat pattern along a 3D space curve (spline) and cross section with variable cut depth
  • Construction industry-specific design of views
  • Shorter dimension extension lines
  • Construction of industry-specific line types and crosshatching
  • Creation of stationing in the infrastructure field
  • Automatic generation of various tables, such as Gauss-Krüger alignment points etc.
  • Creation of elevations at the points of intersection between the station lines and the edges of the road
  • Quantity determination directly from the 3D model

You can use this solution to create construction drawings that conform to the standards directly in Siemens NX (e.g. in accordance with DIN1356). The associative link to the 3D model creates an overall process that is change-consistent. Changes to the building model automatically alter the construction drawings.


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