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NX Release Change

More productivity and security by keeping your Siemens NX System up to date.

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Software never stands still but is constantly evolving. Regardless of whether it is a security update or functionality: In order to benefit from this as a user, updates or release changes are necessary at regular intervals. This is the only way to keep user productivity consistently high along the entire process chain.

Why is a Release Change in Siemens NX important?

There are a number of reasons why a release change is important for Siemens NX. We have summarized the four most important reasons for you.

  • New Features
    With a new release of Siemens NX, a wide range of new functionalities is usually delivered. These usually lead to an improvement in productivity and efficiency when dealing with Siemens NX, so that you are able to complete your tasks faster and more easily.
  • Support
    Like other software manufacturers, Siemens only offers support for the current and the previous NX version. Therefore, with older versions you will not receive support if you encounter technical problems.
  • Compatibility
    Compatibility between different versions of NX (especially upwards) is not always guaranteed. For this reason, it is important to work with uniform NX versions for collaboration in project teams.
  • Errors and Security
    Each NX release also includes bug fixes and security updates that are important for the smooth operation of the CAD system.

The Benefits of a Release Change in Siemens NX


Innovative Methods

The new Siemens NX release usually brings with it a large number of new functionalities. This enables new and innovative methods that make the entire process more efficient.


More Productivity

Release changes in Siemens NX continuously increase the productivity of your entire product development.


More Security

A regular NX release change ensures a stable and secure system through patches and security updates.

The key to a successful release change is thorough preparation. There are best-practice approaches that have crystallized over many man-years of project experience.

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New Release. New Features. New Possibilities.

More productivity through new methods and possibilities in the new release.

A release change may seem like a minor initiative. But experience has shown that it unleashes a chain of events that leads to a leap in productivity. Processes are questioned, functions put to the test and methods revised. The prerequisite for this is a professional implementation of the release change. We would like to help you.

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Welche Aspekte müssen bei einem Siemens NX Releasewechsel berücksichtigt werden?

Damit ein Releasewechsel mit Siemens NX gelingt, ist ein strukturiertes vorgehen notwendig. Wir haben die wichtigsten 7 Aspekte für Sie zusammengefasst:

  1. Planning and Preparation
    Thorough planning is necessary in the run-up to the release change project. This begins with the creation of a project plan that includes all necessary departments and areas of responsibility. It also includes determining milestones and assigning tasks to individual team members.
  2. Evaluation of Methodologies
    Each release brings new functionalities, which may make old methods obsolete. In order to exploit the full potential of the new release, a methodology workshop is therefore recommended where new and innovative methods are analized and evaluated.
  3. Training of Employees
    A detailed training plan must be developed upfront. It is advisable to divide the users into groups if necessary, since not every user receives the same training content.
  4. Porting of Add-ons
    It must be checked whether company-specific custom software or third-party software needs to be ported for the new release. Here it is important to inform the manufacturer of your add-on software in advance about the availability of a suitable software release so that there are no delays in the project.
  5. Data Migration
    Even if NX data is upwards compatible, the migration of CAD data is recommended for certain applications. For example, to prevent performance problems or to replace features from the parts navigator that are no longer supported with new features.
  6. Tests and Validation
    In order to make the start of the new release as smooth as possible, extensive tests are very important. Since the development of the test scenarios and the execution of the tests is very time-consuming, the creation of a test guide is recommended. This can be used as a template for future Siemens NX release changes.
  7. Support
    After implementing the new version of Siemens NX, it is important that employees receive support and help in using the new functions and tools. This can be through training, online resources, or technical support from a service provider.

Our Services for Siemens NX Release Change

NX Release Change

We look after small and large release change projects. Our offer ranges from mere consulting activities to method workshops to the installation and global rollout of the new release of Siemens NX.

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NX Update Training

We train your users comprehensively in the new release of Siemens NX. We focus specifically on the specific differences of the new release. Also with customized content for your company.

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Customized Solutions

In the course of an update, it is often necessary to port existing macros and NX Open Solutions. We are happy to take over the porting or develop new software solutions to automate your processes.

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