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Add-on solutions for more efficiency and an automated process chain.

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If you want to use Siemens NX more efficiently and productively, we have exactly the right tools for you. Our extensions and plugins for Siemens NX enable you to automate time-consuming workflows and complete your tasks faster and more precisely.

Here you will find a brief overview of our products. If we have caught your interest in our software solutions and you have further questions, simply write us a short message – or give us a call. We look forward to speaking with you and would be happy to provide you with an individual, free offer.

Konstrukteur arbeitet mit TE Toolbox

Model-Based Definition with Technical Elements

TE Toolbox

The TE Toolbox allows you to realize model-based definition in Siemens NX thus laying the perfect foundation for a streamlined and automated process chain.

Taktile Messung für Inspection3D

Automated quality inspection in NX


The modules of the InspectionSuite allow you to identify and extract inspection features from 2D drawings or 3D models and provide them for the downstream quality process chain. This not only saves valuable time but also closes the gab between design engineering and quality inspection.

Automated design validation for NX


The CheckSuite helps you validate your product design with the push of a button. This way you detect and correct design errors at an early stage in your engineering process thus tramendously improve the quliaty of your products.

Parametric machine elemens in NX


This plugin is ideal for importing your machine elements into NX. Complex gears can be dimensioned using GWJ Technology’s eAssistant and then imported into NX as a fully parametric solid.

Darstellung einer großen Baugruppe in Siemens NX

Master the challenge of large assemblies


Representation helps you reduce loading time for large assemblies by up to 90%. The software creates fully automatic representations of the individual components in the assembly and always ensures that the representations are up to date.

Person vor Computer mit Siemens NX und Revisionsvergleich

All design changes at a glance

Revision Compare

Documents changes between two revision levels of drawings or models fully automatically. You get all changes at a glance in a universally readable format. You can automatically compare any revisions with each other.

Darstellung von SPC Maße

For creating SPC dimensions in Siemens NX


This solution allows you to create SPC dimensions directly in Siemens NX. The test rate can be entered individually or using preconfigured default values.

Laptop in der Hand einer Person mit PrüfplanNeutral

Quality inspection based on neutral Formats


Define and extract inspection features based on neutral formats such as TIFF, PDF, etc. and generate first article inspection reports and Q-drawings at the push of a button. This saves you up to 70% of time and improves quality at the same time.

Darstellung einer Brücke

Technical documentation for the AEC industry

AEC Drafting

Generate standard-compliant and associative 2D drawings of civil engineering and infrastructure projects directly in Siemens NX. Changes to the 3D models result in your 2D views being updated in your construction plans without any additional manual effort.

Verkehr und Brücke mit Nachthimmel

Infrasturcure planning directly in Siemens NX

LandXML Integrator

The LandXML Integrator for Siemens NX module allows you to import LandXML directly into Siemens NX. At the push of a button, a fully parametric DGM (digital terrain model) is created as a solid body including the route in Siemens NX.