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“Next Level” MBD with TEs

Live-Webinar | 60 Minutes| Model-Based Definition

In this webinar we will show you how you can use technical elements to significantly improve the standardization of your design thus raising “Model-Based Definition” to a new level.

With the increasing importance of model-based definition, the requirements for standardization in CAD also increase. Without sufficient standardization in the design, no automation of subsequent processes is possible.

Many companies are addressing this problem with increasingly complex and stringent design regulations. Regardless of whether the guidelines are checked manually or with the aid of software: A “validation” of the design data can only be corrected afterwards and therefore does not address the problem.

This is exactly where the TE-based design approach comes in: Technical elements are recurring standard geometries or form elements such as various bores, undercuts, grooves, gearings, etc. which are available to the designer for building the CAD models via a toolbox. In contrast to conventional libraries such as UDF, Re-Use, etc., the Technical Elements are enriched with meta data, which is not only brought into the model in a standardized manner, but also brings all the information for subsequent processes to automate the same. For example, color information is automatically stored for FBM, PMI “consumable” is generated for CAM or CMM, or attributes are attached to the intended surfaces and edges of the model.

The number and quality of the technical elements or the meta information of the TEs can be defined company-specifically. In any case, the result is a standardized model and therefore ideal for implementing model-based definition.

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