Visualization and management of machine data with FMC Edit by Neoapps

FMC Edit: Management of machine data

FMC Edit by neoapps is a great visualization tool for the machine data in woodworking. Moreover it is a powerful tool for planning, as machine data (e.g. from the CAD) can be edited, adapted to specific machines (e.g. dead stop/catch or tolerance situation) and divided between different production facilities.
Visualization of machine programs for wood-processing centers is especially important for the purpose of visual inspection. With FMC Edit we have managed to develop a visualization tool, which supports both the pure trivial visualization of FMC-data (format of the company IMA) and the complex subroutine of CAM Wood.illu_fmcedit_1
Furthermore, it is possible to edit the data in terms of their dead stop, catch and their division between different processing centers. All in all a machine independence is achieved, as data can be exported into different formats of other manufacturers.With FMC Edit, it is possible to load and edit FMC programs. In particular the Include-technology is supported. By setting up various production sites, FMC programs can be represented in combination with Include-blocks of these manufacturing facilities.
Properties of FMC Edit:

  • MDI (Multiple Document Interface) application. Multiple FMC programs can be loaded into a program window.
  • Manufacturing sites are adjustable per FMC program.
  • Presentation of the full FMC program as a tree.
  • Presentation of the full FMC program as a graphic.
  • Symbols, which are selected in the tree, are highlighted in the graphic.
  • Optimal zoom functionality.
  • Optimal pan functionality.
  • Resolution of the graphic on 1 / 10 mm.
  • Displaying the work coordinates in the graphic.
  • Displaying the cursor coordinates.
  • Inserting stages of production (right mouse click).
  • Dividing FMC programs between multiple programs for different production sites.
  • Export of the FMC program, i.e. Dissolving the Include-blocks to get a “native” FMC program without Includes.
  • Printing and print preview of the current view of the graphics (WYSIWYG).
  • Editing the include symbols or VARDEF icons (right mouse click).
  • drag’n’drop to move symbol sequences within a program.
  • mirrors of all shapes and features.
  • zero shift (transformation) for machine-dependant processing.
  • Definition of zero points in conjunction with considerations of the tolerances.
  • Program creation through dialogue-based icons.

With FMC View, it is possible to load and inspect FMC programs. This is a very simplified version of the FMC Edit without any possibility of making changes to FMC-programs.

In particular, the storing of FMC programs and splitting them between different production sites cannot be activated. Also, the production facilities cannot be adjusted, i.e. a generic manufacturing facility “General” is used, which is included with the purchase.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Machine independence
  • direct visual control
  • Split programs
  • Viewing with FMC View

System requirements:

  • from Windows 2000

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